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This is the age of computers, higher technology and automation. So, it is mandatory to be familiar with them, but only having an affinity to use and understand them is not the only possibility. If you are interested, then it is quite possible to build a successful career out of it. We are OAASA Technologys and we have a plethora of courses to offer.

You can find about OAASA Technologys - Advance Education and other details from our website. We have designed this space to assist individuals inpursuing their interest in technology, learning the finer details and building a successful career around it.

Amongst the various courses we offer, you can find our name at the top amongst the Robotics Training Institutes Kolkata and we are one of the few institutes which offer this course. Our Hi-Tech Robotics and Automation Lab is fully equipped with all kind of Microcontrollers, VLSI Kits, PLC, SCADA and various robots.

We are having our own Cyber Security & Anti hacking tools those are providing Cyber Security Services to millions of user around the world. We are providing exclusive trainings for Ethical Hacking, Cyber Forensics, Web Security, Network Security, Reverse Engineering and Offensive security in classroom and online mode.

From Computer Hardware and Networking to chip level mobile repairing, our fully equipped labs are providing training to huge number of students every day. All kind of software testing like Selenium , QTP , Load Runner and Cloud Computing , Big data HADOOP training also available here. Being one of the best ERP Training Institutes in Kolkata allows us to help to build your professional life better. All ERP modules like FICO | HR / HCM | SD  | MM  | ABAP  | BASIS are available here.

We are also very proud to be one of the most prominent Android Training Institutes in this city. We understand that, with the advent, growth and possibilities of the Android platform, it will not only help you to propel ahead of your peers, but will open the floodgate of opportunities all over the world.

Another achievement we are proud of is being one of the finest SEO Training Institutes in Kolkata and our SEO course is designed to prepare you for the market perfectly. When it comes to work, we do not believe in shortcuts and you can observe that in each and every course we offer. For further information, please explore our website thoroughly.

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Kolkata's First Robotics , Automation & Hi-Tech Training Provider.

The future trends of robotics point towards research on developing intelligent systems like robotic vehicles, space robots, robots for biological and medical application as well as networked robots. We, are experienced over four decades in the industry and academia, have enhanced the coverage of the work by comprehensively adding the latest developments in the field.

Robotics & IT Workshop 2017 Presented By OAASA Technologys

We are going to present a Winter Workshop for all ambitious IT students, starting on 20th Jan 2017 till 3rd feb 2017 & 15th Feb 2017 till 1st March 2017. Very few institutes offering these kind of specialized courses like Robotics, Cyber Security, Embedded System, CAD, SAP etc. We are proud to announce that we are one of them, so join this workshop program & explore the opportunities to be a successful IT professional. Call - 9038022259

Internship & Live Project Opportunity with 100% Placement Assistance

Our all courses included with Internship & live project opportunity. After Successfully completion of training, we offer 100% Placement Assistance. We are also taking huge number of employees as we are service & solution provider in terms of Web/Android/SEO , Software, CAD/CAM/CAE, IT, VLSI, Embedded System & Robotics engineering.

Our Mission and Vission

Our Mission:

We Are Dedicated To Transforming Hi-Tech Training & Education, So All Students Can Thrive In Their Studies, Careers, And Adult Lives. We Are Focused On Practices And Programs That Help Students Acquire And Effectively Apply The Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills And Beliefs To Achieve Their Full Potential.

Our Vision:

Our Vision Is Of A New World Of Learning Based On The Compelling Truth That Improving Education Is The Key To The Survival Of The Human Race.It’s A World Of Creativity, Inspiration And Ambition Informed By Real-World Evidence And Experience. It’s A World Where Students Become Lifelong Learners And Develop 21st-Century Skills. It’s A World Where Innovation Is The Rule, Not The Exception. It’s A World Where Schools Provide Rigorous Project-Based Learning, Social-Emotional Learning, And Access To New Technology. It’s A World Where Students And Parents, Teachers And Administrators, Policy Makers And The People They Serve Are All Empowered With A Shared Vision To Change Education For The Better.

We Call This Place OAASA, And We Provide Not Just The Vision For This New World Of Learning But The Real-World Information And Community Connections To Make It A Reality.

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Professor KURODA Tadahiro (Keio University) has succeeded in developing technology for wireless transmission of data at the 0.01 pJ/b level (picojoule/bit is a measure of energy required for data transmission: 1 picojoule is equivalent to 100 trillionth of 1 joule). Rather than conventional transmission of data as electrons through wires, Professor Kuroda’s technique involves wireless beaming of data via radio waves between chip layers (a kind of RFID technology, already in wide use today). This method enables ultra-low power consumption and is ideally suited for long-term data storage (up to hundreds or even thousands of years), laying the foundation for “Digital Rosetta Stone” technology.

Technology developed for wireless beaming of data between layered stacks of chips, with world-beating ultra-low energy consumption.
Posted on 11/03/2016

As part of the CREST Strategic Basic Research Program, Project Professor TACHI Susumu and his research group (Keio University) have developed a feel transmission technology to reproduce the sensations of pressure, vibration perception, and temperature perception. By combining this technology with the teleoperator robot, an operator can clearly see, hear, and feel the haptic sensation. The utilization in various fields, such as remote communication, remote experience of a trip or of shopping, the work under the extreme conditions, telemedicine, nursing care, the service industry, and the entertainment field, is expected.

Development of Telexistence Robot that allows operator to clearly see, hear, and feel the haptic sensation
Posted on 11/03/2016

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