Android Developer

OAASA is searching for somebody who's as energetic as we are about versatile applications for the iOS and Android stages.


  • 1+ years of overall iOS & Android development skills.
  • Strong Objective-C skills and inside-and-out knowledge of the iOS SDK
  • Java skills with extensive knowledge of the Android SDK.
  • Experience utilizing and making adaptable online RESTful APIs
  • Object-Oriented PHP skills at all scales.
  • Convey the outline and advancement of new and developing applications in various stages.

Key skills: Web Designing, Android, HTML5, Bootstrap, Java Programming, Oracle, DBMS, C Sharp, Web Services, PHP, Asp.Net, vb .net, AngularJS, PhoneGap/Cordova, JSON Data Exchange, AJAX and related technologies, Exceptional organizational and project management skills.

Interview Details:

Date: Monday to Saturday (Except Sunday)

Time: by appointment

Venue: Lake Town, Kolkata



Company Profile: OAASA TECHNOLOGYS is the one-stop solution provider for ambitious aspiring individuals in the IT Industry. In this age of high technology and specialist capability of a professional, companies are looking for dedicated individuals. Businesses are more interested in having a system that can be managed by a click of a button instead of multiple options. Hence at OAASA, we have designed our courses to train our students properly for this new world.

Since the beginning, our aim has always been to provide a complete and quality solution to the people opting for our services. This means both the businesses trusting our services and individuals trusting our education can rest assured that they are going to get the best services, always. We have dedicated teams of highly capable professionals who provide a quality solution, problem-solving, execution technique, solution design, and support to ensure success for our clients.