We are a leading Manufacturer and supplier of Printed Circuit Boards. We also expertise in PCB design for various industrial projects as well college projects. We help our clients in designing, manufacturing and supplying single layer, double layer PTH PCB. We are providing a high class Service to the Clients. Client satisfaction is our prime motto.

A printed circuit board or PCB is one of the key concepts of Electronics, it mechanically supports and electrically connects different electronics components such as Capacitors, Resistors etc. using conductive tracks, pads etc.  Usually the components are soldered on the PCB and now a day the modern PCBs may contain components embedded in the substrate. PCBs are generally one sided and double sided ie. one copper layer and two copper layer respectively. The PCB technology has made a supreme advancement to allow more and more components in one board. This lead to the development of Multi-Layer PCBs which can accommodate higher density of components in outer and inner copper layers.

The chief insulating substrate for PCB is FR4 Glass Epoxy. Thin copper layer is laminated on the one side or both side of the FR4 panel and in case of multi-layer PCB multiple layers of material are laminated together.

PCB design needs added efforts to layout the circuit. Different software is used to design the circuit. The manufacturing and assembling of PCB is an automated process which requires lesser cost when produced in bulk. PCBs are cheaper, reliable and robust and also faster to manufacture than any other methods as components are mounted in one single part.


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