SOX Compliance Audit
SOX Compliance Audit

A SOX compliance audit is a measure of how well your company manages its internal controls. While SOX doesn`t specifically mention information security, for practical purposes, an internal control is understood to be any type of protocol dealing with the infrastructure that handles your financial data

 Indeed, one of the biggest criticisms of SOX is that, particularly for smaller firms, this requirement that all accounting systems must be subject to auditing is prohibitively expensive. Notwithstanding the remarkable dangers inside every nation and topographical area, there is additionally a horde of neighborhood directions that must be agreed to. With broad involvement in both residential and global IT controls, Schneider Downs and its Prime Global partners are remarkably situated to help your association accomplish both consistency and security. OAASA helps to ensure that business leaders play key roles in the project decision making levels. Once established, we bring proven project and application development methodologies that drive project results through data driven decision making. Our organization offers the ideal suggestion to make you accomplish your objectives. Our experience and mastery empower us to give strong direction from the begin of the SOX consistence engagement and by making long term consistency destinations for our customers, Assurance Concepts will eventually build up a practical and cost effective SOX arrangement.

With that in mind, how can SOX compliance benefit you? Aside from eliminating the threat of fines and other penalties, smart organizations are using SOX as a framework for:

·         Auditing existing IT infrastructure, identifying inefficiencies, redundancies and superfluous controls.

·         Streamlining reporting and auditing processes, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Managing security risks more effectively and responding quicker in the event of a breach


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